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Our Medical Billing Services to keep you Profitable

medical billing services

CarePlus Billing provides medical billing services that are completely automated, paperless, work-flow oriented and efficient, helping you manage your claims submission process efficiently with an eye on your cash-flow and profitability. Our billing services are easy to adopt and customize, fitting the needs of start-up Healthcare service providers as well as well established (multi-region and multi-location) healthcare service providers.

Our billing experts have years of industry experience working with various billing system and services providers. Our technology experts have years of industry experience in designing intuitive UI and complex billing algorithms. Both put together, we have built a cutting edge yet and intuitive Billing system, addressing all the important needs of health care service providers. With our world class technology enabled billing system, we guarantee that your practice will save time, money and energy, that can be deployed towards growing your business.

Care Plus Billing is a full service medical billing company providing services to:

Adult Day Care (Medical Model)

Best software solution expedites the billing processes for Managed care organization (MCO), Medicaid, Foundation, Veterans Affairs (VA), and aging services to shorten and optimize your revenue cycle. Focused more on intensive health and therapy services tracking.

Adult Day Care (Social Model)

Best software solution expedites the billing processes for functionally impaired older adults with socialization, supervision and monitoring, personal care, and nutrition in a protective setting. Focused more on meals, social activities, recreation and some health-related services.

Adult Foster Care

Specifically designed to support accredited afc providers with built-in rules and regulations. Track all necessary member and caregiver data, provider information, and all necessary billing information in one click. Focused more on Medicaid and Health Care Claim Payment.

Home Health Care

CarePlus Billing Software lets you generate electronic or paper claims for all payers – Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid/waiver (in any state), VA, private insurance, and private pay. Easy billing and Reduce Administrative Errors That Negatively Impact Claims & Payment Processing.

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Stand alone Billing Software

Do you prefer to handle your billing in-house end-to-end?

Do you have experienced biller who knows what they are doing, start to finish?

Do you like complete control over billing and finance of your business?

Are you looking for a standalone, cost-effective, cloud-based software that integrates with your EHR system or patient documentation?

See why CarePlus Billing is the best Billing software.

Partner with a smart Billing company with cutting edge technology and world class Customer service.

CarePlus has developed billing software that focuses on Pain points of customers and their financial needs. With a single integrated platform, free training, and unlimited support, we have everything you need to bill in-house all from a reliable partner who cares about your business. And you can rest assured that your data is safely hosted on Amazon AWS.

best Billing software.

Medical Billing Solution - Features

Eligibility Check

We confirm every patient s insurance eligibility to streamline your process, shorten account receivable days and avoid denials.

Claim Scrubbing

Our top-of-top line claim scrubbing ensures errors-free and clean claims are submitted for faster reimbursement and minimus denials/rejections.

Electronic Submission

Corrections and re-submissions are completed systematically and in a timely manner for any claims that are held to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Payment Posting

Post ERAs and EOBs in a timely manner as our team of experts verifies each claims for appropriate payment while our A/R team follows up on any denied or rejected claim.

Encryption and Security

Our medical billing software is compliant with HIPPA regulations. We ensure no leakage of patient s data while processing any information.

Customized Reports

Get comprehensive insights into your payment, charges or adjustments trends for every billing entry. BellMedex provides data reports in easy-to read format with option for customization.

Quality revenue cycle management

Our comprehensive RCM process identifies loopholes in your processess, prevents revenue leakage and helps maintain your practice's financial viability by putting it back on the growth track.

Medical billing services

Simplify your billing, eradicates administrative burdens, boots your revenue and get highest standards of coding accurancy and compliance.

Most affordable rates in the market

In today s market, careplusbilling aims to provide quality services at reasonable rates. Our onboarding process is simple and straightforwad with no hidden Charges.